Only a mere six hours after landing in beautiful Guadalajara, I’ve managed to meet two awesome estudiantes, get caught twice in the pouring rain, check out the local plazas and eat the villain of all hot peppers, the habanero chile. This devilish little guy sneaked its way into an amazing dinner of goat tacos served […]

Once again I have a few hours to kill in an airport, although I am not nearly as nervous as I was for Peru. Sure, this trip is literally only a mere fraction compared to my last purely personal vacation, but Mexico has been touted as quite dangerous (however erroneous those claims may or may […]

Well folks, we’re here again. I’m hopping on an airplane for a ten day trip, although there’s nothing exotic about this locale except perhaps for the deep dish pizza that I never cared for. That’s right, sweet (no longer) home Chicago. As promised, I’m going to my niece’s 4th birthday party, and taking her to […]

Zion was incredible. I pushed myself beyond my level of comfort at least every hour while I was there. I came back exhilarated, amazed, bruised like mad and with a sprained ankle. I rappelled top down into two beautiful [and very WET] canyons, one with a wetsuit and one without. Only without a wetsuit did […]

The full moon last night made the cows and the wolves a little crazy. I camped in an 8 person tent just outside of a lodge with some friends. The cows kept mooing and the wolves kept howling at the moon, as they very well should. The trick was that it was also incredibly windy, […]

I read something today in a book that actually made me stop and think for awhile. According to Aristophanes, a Greek (?) philosopher, in the ancient world of myth there were three types of people. Not to be considered as simply male or female, people were one of the three combinations: male/male, male/female or female/female. […]

May 14 is ¬†two weeks short of my four month anniversary in sunny Southern California, and like all good stories, nothing is turning out the way that I thought it would. Summer is just around the corner, I’m gainfully and happily employed, a good 8 pounds heavier and only sort-of single. I’ve fallen head over […]


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