The hottest pepper yet

Only a mere six hours after landing in beautiful Guadalajara, I’ve managed to meet two awesome estudiantes, get caught twice in the pouring rain, check out the local plazas and eat the villain of all hot peppers, the habanero chile.

This devilish little guy sneaked its way into an amazing dinner of goat tacos served with two types of salsas, soft homemade corn tortillas, onions lime and cilantro, and pickled red onion. When I first realized that the spice level had gone from comfortable to unbelievable heat I blamed one of the salsas, but I should have known better. Thanks to my love of Mexican cuisine, I am no stranger to salsa verde or salsa roja. I’ve even made my own pickled red onions, albeit without the spicy peppers. I was unaware of the evil lurking in the bowl of my beloved pickled onions until my dining companion pointed out that there were jalapeños in it and, upon further inspection, found that little orange devil.

It all made sense now. I had accidentally eaten a piece of this spicy little guy and for a second there, I thought that I might be in some real trouble. Nope. I sat strong and handled that habanero head on. Way to go you Midwesterner you. Way to go.

Habanero aside, those tacos were everything I could have asked for, and only a mere $6. You go Guadalajara.


One comment

  1. Spicy lil bugger! Glad you could handle it!

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